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The WSO was founded in 1975 in Manila, Republic of the Philippines as a result of gathering of over 1,000 representative of Safety professionals from all continents at the first World Safety and Accident prevention Congress. The WSO World Management Center was established in the USA in 1987 to be responsible for all WSO Activities, the connection with the United Nation, the Cooperation with the numerous member National Safety Councils, Professional Safety / environment (allied areas) organization. WSO International Chapters and WSO Corporations companies groups societies etc. The WSO is a non-profit corporation, non-sectarian and non-political movement dedicated to making Safety a way of life worldwide.

WSO has established the international office for Pakistan in September 2015.



  1. Associate Member
  2. Affiliate Member
  3. Institutional Member
  4. Corporate Member



Professional Certification:

  1. WSO – Certified Safety Technician
  2. WSO – Certified Hazardous Materials Technician I
  3. WSO – Certified Hazardous Materials Technician II
  4. WSO – Certified Hazardous Materials Supervisor (WSO-CHMS)
  5. WSO – Certified Hazardous Materials Executive – (WSO-CHME)
  6. WSO – Certified Safety Instructor (WSO-CSI)
  7. WSO – Certified Safety Instructor – Senior Level (WSO-CSI-SL)
  8. WSO – Certified Safety Instructor – Master Level (WSO-CSI-ML)
  9. WSO – Certified Safety/Security Director
  10. WSO – Certified Safety Construction Supervisor